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“I found loanDepot through LendingTree. If you have done so, you know that you get barraged by emails from prospective lenders. Having done multiple refi’s and bought and sold homes, I know the information I need to evaluate a loan, i.e., closing fees, and mortgage rates/points for different periods. I replied to the emails from prospective lenders requesting this information and, with the exception of loanDepot, all of them required a phone discussion before providing this info. Clearly this is part of their selling strategy, expecting that once they get you on the phone they can hard sell you. The only lender that gave me the info with no other questions was loanDepot, specifically in the person of Brian Hicks. This respect for my needs, combined with their very low loan fees and interest rates sold me on loanDepot. And the rest of the application and approval process was so smooth and easy that I am very satisfied with my choice. Even the closing attorney who came to our house was an experience pro who made the process easy.”


-  Alan S.